About Us



Redeemer Church of Dubai is made up of believers from all nations, ages, cultures, and backgrounds. It is our unity in the gospel of Christ that makes us all one family.

Redeemer was planted in 2010 by Pastor Dave Furman and a core team of members from United Christian Church of Dubai with the goal of making disciples of all nations in Old Dubai. Over 9 years later, we are celebrating the fruit that God has brought about. 

Every weekend, people from among the nations gather together to encourage one another, sing God's praises, confess our sin, pray for our members and our leaders, and hear from God's Word. We have members from Africa, Asia, Australia, and America; from Sri Lanka, India, the Philippines, and Egypt. Our God has promised to redeem people from every tongue, tribe, people, and nation and we have the privilege of seeing the fruit of God's redemption every week. 

We also have many people who would not describe themselves as Christians come to our weekend service—and we are happy to welcome them. In Christ Jesus our members have found a family, and we would love to welcome you as God in Christ has welcomed us. 

So would you join us this Friday? And please, introduce yourself to one of the members of our Connection Team or one of our elders or staff members.