Discipleship Groups


Discipleship Groups

A discipleship group is a short term study group with the primary intention of believers discipling believers (Proverbs 27:17).

These groups are primarily men only or women only, but are mixed where appropriate (e.g. to study parenting or marriage). Generally speaking they last for a set period of time (e.g. six to eight weeks in order to finish a particular study/book) after which those people are encouraged to meet with others or facilitate another group - in so doing developing a culture of discipleship through our church. Unlike community groups, discipleship groups are not geographically bound.

Discipleship Group Goals

The goal of a discipleship group is to effectively facilitate spiritual growth in the lives of those part of that group. Whether it’s through a deep inductive study of God’s Word or reading together a Christian book, the purpose is to specifically and discretely apply the truth’s of the gospel to each others lives with the help of the Holy Spirit. Because of this goal, the group size is ideally around 3-8 people. We want to see more discipleship groups, not bigger discipleship groups.   

If you would like to know more about connection with others in the church for discipleship, please contact Glen Jones