Redeemer Kids


Redeemer Kids

Redeemer Kids (Ages 0-9 Years): 

Redeemer Kids is the ministry for the children of Redeemer Church during our Friday services. The ministry is based on two core values:   

1) We believe God has given Christian parents the primary responsibility of teaching their children about God. Though, at Redeemer Kids, we do hope to provide echoing voices in the lives of these littlest ones among us.  
2) Redeemer Kids is a ministry of the church and for the church. So, the volunteers that serve with the ministry are approved members of Redeemer.  

With those values in mind, the vision for Redeemer Kids is this: Together, seeking to raise up the next generation to worship God. 

Each week at our gatherings, we aim to provide a safe and loving environment where our children can learn about God and his plan of salvation through Jesus. Below is a breakout of our classes provided on Friday mornings by times and ages: 

9 AM and 11 AM Redeemer Service Hours: 
During Redeemer's corporate worship gatherings, we offer Redeemer Kids classes for children 0-9 years of age. We divide our classes by age to ensure that the classes and curriculum are age-appropriate.  

For more information regarding Redeemer Kids please contact Godly James.