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Community Group Leaders

04.02.15 | Community Groups | by Glen Jones

    What is the role of a community group leader?

    Community Group Leadership

    We want to reflect a complementarian approach to leadership (Eph 5:22-33), where we understand men and women to be equal before God with specific and God-given roles. Men to love and lead, women to follow and support, both with equal importance in the care and nurture of a small group.

    The role of a Community group leader is to:

    • To shepherd, love, lead the small group members as a servant leader.
    • Lead spiritually fruitful Bible studies.
    • Help members to draw the connection between the meaning of a text and its application to life.
    • Pray regularly for members of the small group
    • Grow in your understanding of God’s Word
    • Be an example of a growing disciple of Christ
    • What is the role of a Community group member?
    • Actively engage in the group studies
    • Be involved in one another’s lives
    • Know the gospel and it’s application to life – to grow in maturity
    • Share the gospel as often, as many times and in as many different ways and places as possible, making the most of every opportunity.
    • Join Redeemer Church through membership if that person is a Christian and regularly attending Redeemer services.
    • Encouraged to disciple one another (1 on 1 along gender lines)