Gospel Hope for Anxious Hearts

Much has changed in our world over the last few weeks. We are facing uncertain times with a lot of unanswered questions. Fear and anxiety can easily grip our hearts. What do we do when this happens? Who do we turn to for help? In this webinar we will explore the experience of fear and anxiety and how to respond. We will see that even though we have good reasons to be anxious we have better reasons to not be.

Q&A Video

Online Resource


  • Running Scared by Ed Welch
  • A Small Book for the Anxious Heart: Meditations on Fear, Worry, and Trust by Ed Welch
  • From Fear to Freedom by Rose Marie Miller

*Sometimes our anxiety can overwhelm us and make clear thinking very difficult. In situations like these, “grounding techniques” offer simple practical ways to combat the physical and mental confusion that anxiety can produce.