We exist to provide a place where people from all nations, ages, and stages of life can speak honestly about their struggles, encounter the living Redeemer, and find the hope and lasting change that He alone provides through Christ-centered, biblically based counseling and training.


To see Christ-Centered Biblical Counseling established in the Middle East and beyond that will bring gospel renewal and gospel healing to individuals, families, churches, and organizations.

We live in a broken world. This is evidenced by the suffering we see or experience each day. Where do we turn for help? Who do we look to when life becomes dark or overwhelming? What do we do when issues become complex? What do we do when guilt and shame seem to dominate our lives? 

The name “Sure Oaks” is inspired by Isaiah 61:1–3. In this passage a whole string of phrases is mentioned that captures the reality of human neediness. This neediness provides the context into which the Messiah enters as anointed savior. He comes to bring good news, to heal the broken hearted, to comfort those who mourn, and to set free those in bondage. He does this that they may be called “oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord.” This is the vision of Sure Oaks. That God’s people will be called oaks of righteousness — rooted in the reality of God’s grace and greatness.

Sure Oaks is a ministry of Redeemer Church of Dubai.

What is Counseling?

Counseling is simply a conversation that takes place between two parties where one listens to the other and seeks to understand their struggle and speak to them in helpful ways. In a sense we all counsel. At Sure Oaks, we engage in what is referred to as Biblical Counseling. We believe that life works best when we take to heart the words of God and seek to apply them. There are many different counseling modalities. We do not adhere to any particular model exclusively. The care we give largely depends on the individual’s needs. Our goal is to know you as a person, understand your struggle, speak wisely and compassionately, and help you take the necessary steps of change. Counseling theories inform how we understand people, how we seek to care for them, and what we hope to accomplish. Every counseling model has values that determine what they say or do not say. The values that we hold to are shaped by our faith in God. 

We believe that he is our creator and he has revealed the best path that promotes human flourishing. He reveals what it truly means to be human. Because we are embodied souls and situationally and relationally embedded our counsel is holistic. Therefore, our counseling could include resolving past issues, addressing trauma, changing cognitive distortions, emotional regulation, seeking medical attention, learning relational skills, reading scripture, developing healthy routines, prayer, teaching coping skills, repentance, faith, love, pycho-social-spiritual education, exposing idols, and so on. In the end, we desire to help people grow in personal awareness, relational health, and spiritual maturity as they come to know that their individual and collective stories are embedded in a larger story of redemption and hope. We do all of this with great humility.

For more information or to request counseling, please contact sureoaks@gmail.com.


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