Bringing Christ-Centered Care through Biblical Counseling and Equipping in

the Middle East and beyond in order to fulfill the Great Commission.

We live in a broken world. This is evidenced by the suffering we see or experience each day. Where do you turn for help? Who do you look to when life becomes dark or overwhelming? What do you do when issues become complex? What do you do when guilt and shame seem to dominate your life?

Sure Oaks is a ministry of Redeemer Church of Dubai. Our desire is to walk alongside you and offer you the support that you need.

Our counseling begins with God. He is the ultimate reality that orients us to what is true and good. God’s word, the Bible, reveals to us who we really are and how we operate as humans. We are a mixture of dignity and depravity, beauty and brokenness. We are spiritual and physical beings and how these two realities interface creates complexity so we don’t try to offer easy answers. Our individual and collective stories are embedded into a larger story of redemption and hope. As we counsel, we point people to this hope — a hope that is found in a person and not a technique, program, or system. Jesus is this hope and he alone has the ability and the intention to change us for the good. Our counseling involves knowing the person and their struggle and loving them well. Love calls us to enter in courageously, listen intently, behave humbly, and speak wisely and compassionately. We are fellow travelers on the road of suffering but we have tasted the grace of God. We wish for you to taste it as well.

If you would like to know more about this ministry, how you can be a part of it, or would like to seek counseling please contact us:

Hope for the Oppressed Webinar

On July 2020, we hosted a webinar to provide biblical guidance on how we as churches and church leaders can better identify and respond to domestic violence in our midst. Below you will find the recording of the webinar to use alongside the workbook. Please feel free to use it as a training resource or in any way that is helpful to you.