Seeking the Good of one another and our city.

Our Care ministry team is made up of staff and deacons who are endeavoring to coordinate care both to our church members and from our members to all those who are connected to Redeemer and even to the city and beyond.

Below you will find a collection of links and information our team has gathered that highlight opportunities from the government or other public sources that provide help. 

Help Others

God has called his people to care for those in affliction and need (James 1:27). Just as Jesus sought us out and reconciled us to God when we were in need of grace and salvation, he has called us to care for others (Matthew 25:35–40).

Please take a moment and complete the information below if you are able to help others during this time. We will be in touch with you to organize the next steps as soon as possible.

Resources and Volunteer Initiatives

Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for their Maker, 

but whoever is kind to the needy honors God. (Proverbs 14:31)

While we are seeking the good of one another, we are also seeking the good of the city of Dubai. Members of Redeemer Church have worked together to pull together a list of available resources in the Emirates. We’re thankful for the provisions the government have made for the people in their care. In support of their efforts, our aim is that this resource would be used by you and your family in addition to being a place you can point friends who may be served by the opportunities listed. We will continue to update this document and will make it available on our website. If you come across opportunities not listed, please share them with us by emailing