The Unstoppable Word: The Book of Acts

The book of Acts tells the extraordinary story of how the church was built. From humble beginnings in a Middle Eastern city, Christianity quickly spread through the Roman Empire and from there unto the ends of the earth, carried along by the Spirit of God. Join us this summer as we study God’s unstoppable word and its power as seen in the book of Acts.

Joined Together: Pursuing a Christ-Centered Marriage

In this class, we will discuss the biblical foundations for marriage and explore the various components that make a healthy marriage. We’ll cover topics such as communication, conflict resolution, roles, intimacy, living in hard marriages, and domestic abuse.

The audio for each lesson will be released every Saturday on this webpage. You will have a week to listen to the material before we discuss together the following Friday morning. 

Four Greek Words to Deepen Your Faith

What can four Greek words teach you about the Christian life? Can you enrich your community with believers and deepen your wisdom for living among nonbelievers? Listen below as Jeff Baker teaches on four Greek word studies in the New Testament.

Gospel Hope for Anxious Hearts

Much has changed in our world over the last few weeks. We are facing uncertain times with a lot of unanswered questions. 

Fear and anxiety can easily grip our hearts. What do we do when this happens? 

Who do we turn to for help? In this webinar we will explore the experience of fear and anxiety and how to respond. 

We will see that even though we have good reasons to be anxious we have better reasons to not be.


Paul's letter to the Philippians is very much applicable to our lives during this unprecedented season. His letter reminds them and us that amidst these challenges we have a reason to rejoice: our King and Savior, Jesus Christ.

If you would like to start and facilitate your own study with a group, we’ve provided a study guide that's available via the button below. We hope that in this time of separation, spending time in the same part of God’s Word will draw Redeemer together.

Elders Teach On: Marriage

"A truly Christian marriage starts with the reality that the institution of marriage does not belong to us.
It belongs to God. God designed marriage.” 

We will fail to truly enjoy marriage when we fail to understand how God designed marriage to be.
Why is it important to see marriage from God’s perspective?
Listen below to as the elders teach a 6–week class on the topic of marriage.

Elders Teach On: Parenting

Parenting is hard. It requires unceasing prayers, patience, compassion, firmness, kindness, forgiveness, and humility.
But parenting is also a privilege. God has chosen parents to be primary instruments in the shaping of a human soul.
What is parenting all about? How do we parent faithfully and joyfully?
Listen below as the elders teach on the topic of parenting.