Equipping Classes

Our equipping classes are designed to provide the necessary tools to foster growth in the knowledge of God and his Word and to fuel affection for Christ and his people. These classes are offered as a supplement to evangelism and discipleship in the church. 

No sign-ups are required to join these classes. All are welcome to attend!

1 Corinthians: 

Why Churches Need the Gospel

Christians in Corinth struggled with disunity, unholiness, and theological confusion, resulting in disorder in their church and destruction to their mission. As we study this book in its biblical and historical context, we’ll hear how the Apostle Paul calls this church, and ours, back to the cross of Christ in a way that transforms community, conduct, and mission. 

Dates: Resuming on September 10

Time: Sunday mornings, 9:00–10:30 am

Venue: Majlis Room or VIP Room, Millennium Plaza Downtown Hotel

Sent to the Workplace

Join us as we consider what the Great Commission vision looks like in the workplace. Over the course of this class, we will review a foundational theology of work, learn basic missional and cross-cultural skills for disciple-making in the workplace, and learn how to practically live out our faith at work as we each develop a workplace discipleship plan. Please join us as we study God’s Word together and see how our faith impacts how we work.

Dates: September 10, 17, 24; October 1, 8, 15

Time: Sunday mornings, 11:00 am–12:30 pm

Venue: Majlis Room or VIP Room

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Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

The purpose of this class is to look at a biblical theology of manhood and womanhood. That means we start in Genesis and proceed through to Revelation and study how God defines what it means to be a man and woman. We desire to let Scripture interpret Scripture versus allowing our 21st century culture to determine the meaning of individual verses. 

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