Equipping Classes

Our equipping classes are designed to provide the necessary tools to foster growth in the knowledge of God and his Word and to fuel affection for Christ and his people. These classes are offered as a supplement to evangelism and discipleship in the church. 

Redeemer Summer Classes

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming summer classes designed to deepen your understanding of the Bible and enhance your skills in sharing the gospel. Below you will find more information about each class.

Introduction to the Bible

This introductory course will explore the message of the Bible before delving into its individual parts. We will discuss how the Bible's narrative unfolds from the beginning of creation to the new creation and how the books relate to one another both historically and theologically.

Dates: June 30–July 28 

Time: 11 am 

Location: Millennium Plaza Downtown Hotel (Kids’ room, third floor)

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Women's Book Study: Praying With Paul

Join us in this summer book study through the book Praying with Paul: A Call to Spiritual Reformation by D.A. Carson. This study will deepen your understanding of prayer through the lens of the Apostle Paul's prayers. We will explore how Paul's epistles not only reveal his personal prayer life but also offer profound insights into how we can enrich our prayers today.

Dates: July 8–August 26

Time: Mondays, 7–9 pm

Location: Garhoud

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Evangelism: Sharing the Gospel

In this course, we will examine the motivations for sharing the gospel as outlined in Scripture and learn practical ways to communicate it to people from diverse backgrounds. We will address common fears and challenges associated with sharing the gospel, especially across different cultures and religions. Each session will include practical exercises and real-life practice opportunities. 

Dates: August 11–August 25 

Time: 11 am

Location: Millennium Plaza Downtown Hotel (Kids’ room, third floor)

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