Equipping Classes

Sign-ups for our new equipping class is open. Recordings of previous classes can be found below.

New Equipping Class: Sharing the Great News Contextually

In this six-week class, we will look at the motivations in Scripture for sharing the Great News (the gospel) and learn how to share it with people from all backgrounds. Often there is fear when it comes to interacting and sharing Gospel truth with people from different cultures and religions. We will practice together sharing the Great News and then each week our homework will include going out and practicing what we are learning. This class will be divided into two sections — one for men and one for women.

Date: Sunday mornings, Starting April 24

Time: 9:00–10:00 am

Location: Crowne Plaza, Sheikh Zayed Road

Previous Class Recordings

Early Church History Introduction

This class explores the first 400 years of Christian history. It covers the bold leaders of the early church, the canon of Scripture, the controversies of the early church — and the councils and creeds that resolved them. This is a class about history and theology, as well as one with practical implications and encouragement for today.

Four Greek Words to Deepen Your Faith

What can four Greek words teach you about the Christian life? Can you enrich your community with believers and deepen your wisdom for living among nonbelievers? Listen below as Jeff Baker teaches on four Greek word studies in the New Testament.

Elders Teach On: Parenting

Parenting is hard. It requires unceasing prayers, patience, compassion, firmness, kindness, forgiveness, and humility. But parenting is also a privilege. God has chosen parents to be primary instruments in the shaping of a human soul. What is parenting all about? How do we parent faithfully and joyfully? 

Elders Teach On: Marriage

“A truly Christian marriage starts with the reality that the institution of marriage does not belong to us. It belongs to God. God designed marriage.” We will fail to truly enjoy marriage when we fail to understand how God designed marriage to be. Why is it important to see marriage from God’s perspective? 

Joined Together: Pursuing a Christ-Centered Marriage

This class discusses the biblical foundations for marriage and explore the various components that make a healthy marriage. The class covers topics such as communication, conflict resolution, roles, intimacy, living in hard marriages, and domestic abuse.

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