Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Meeting every Sunday at 9 am in the main ballroom at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road. No registration is required to join the class. The men’s class and women’s class are held on alternative weeks. Youth are welcome to join as well! 

Resources and recordings of previous classes can be accessed via the below buttons.

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About the Class

There is growing confusion on the biblical teaching of manhood and womanhood. Outside the church, schools, the media, and governments are redefining gender and sex. Our children are being taught that they have the right to choose their gender and sexual orientation. From within the church, there is a growing call to reinterpret Scripture to make the biblical teaching on manhood and womanhood more acceptable and modern.

The purpose of this class is to look at a biblical theology of manhood and womanhood. That means we start in Genesis and proceed through to Revelation and study how God defines what it means to be a man and woman. We desire to let Scripture interpret Scripture versus allowing our 21st century culture to determine the meaning of individual verses.

Class Schedule

  • October 30: Men’s Class 4 (God’s Design for Singleness)
  • November 13: Women’s Class 4 (God’s Design for Singleness)
  • November 20: Men’s Class 5 (Roles for Men and Women in the Church)
  • November 27: Women’s Class 5 (Roles for Men and Women in the Church)
  • December 11: Men’s Class 6 (Roles for Men and Women in the Home)
  • December 18: Women’s Class 6 (Roles for Men and Women in the Home)


As a resource for the class, we are using Andreas and Margaret Köstenberger’s book God’s Design for Man and Woman, which is available at the book table for a discounted price of AED 40. 

We encourage you to pick it up and join us as we marvel at God’s grand design for manhood and womanhood!