UAE Faith and Work Retreat

October 28–29, 2022  |  RAK Evangelical Church Center

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Are you a follower of Christ who desires to live for Jesus and bring glory to him through your daily work? Sometimes we can be tempted to think we can only glorify God in our spare time outside of work or that our work doesn’t really matter. Well, this retreat is designed to help us all grow in our understanding of a biblical theology of work and to be encouraged by other brothers and sisters in Christ facing similar challenges in the marketplace.

Where did the idea for this retreat come from?

Since mid-2020, fifty people have gone through faith and work related Equipping Classes at Redeemer Church of Dubai. Building off the tremendously positive feedback, some of the leaders and participants began dreaming of a retreat where people from Redeemer and from other churches could gather around these same topics for their encouragement and to build relationships with one another. So, with the blessing of the Redeemer elders, this retreat began to take shape. 

How will this retreat help me live for Jesus at work? 

During the retreat, we will study the Bible together and see how Scripture speaks of work and how we are to go about working in a broken, fallen world. All participants will receive Work And Our Labor in the Lord by James Hamilton. This short book will provide the format for the retreat. There will be four main sessions:

  1. Creation: Work in the Very Good Garden
  2. Work after the Fall: Fallen, Futile, Flourishing
  3. Redemption: Work Now that Christ has Risen
  4. Restoration: Work in the New Heavens and the New Earth

There will be four main teaching times, but there will also be considerable time in small groups to discuss Scripture, to share challenges, to build one another up and pray for each other. During the retreat, you will participate in multiple different small groups based on the industry where you work, geographic area where you work, and church family. 

Is this retreat focused at a certain type of worker or industry?

No, this retreat is for everyone regardless of what time of job you have or how long you’ve had it. Whether you work in a kitchen or in a corner office, are a creative or an administrator, and any other mix of worker — you are welcome! 

Why is this event called a “retreat”?

The emphasis is on discussion times in small groups, and it is overnight. We will spend significant time together listening to one another and encouraging one another. During the 10+ hours we have together, no more than five of those hours will be a main teacher teaching to a large group. We are coming together to learn from each other.

Where and when is the retreat?

This retreat will be held at RAK Evangelical Church Center. It will begin at 7 pm on Friday, October 28 and end at 5 pm on Saturday, October 29. 

How much is the fee?

The retreat fee is AED 375. The fee includes the retreat book, two meals and coffee breaks and one night hotel accommodation. Scholarships are available for those who need help paying the fee.

How do I register?

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey (click the button below). Even if you are not sure or cannot come, please let us know of your interest by completing the survey. Registration is limited to the first 100 confirmed participants!

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