Our Amazing God Series

We hope that these videos will encourage families in our church to better know “Our Amazing God.” Each week there will be a talk and songs from different Redeemer members, Redeemer Kids’ leaders, and families. 


A different family will host the video each week, and they will show us an activity that we can all do at home. If you film members of your family doing the activity and send it in, it may be included in the next week’s video! We hope you have fun creating these videos.


The video will be posted each Thursday at noon on this page. While the video itself will be around twenty minutes long, you will also want to plan some extra time over the weekend to be a part of the weekly challenge!


Kids, tweens, youth, parents, and the whole Redeemer family: We hope you enjoy getting to know Our Amazing God!

Week Six: Our God Is Faithful

Tune in to our kids’ video as we continue to learn about the attributes of Our Amazing God! This week in our kids’ video, we’ll learn about God’s faithfulness. We’ll see in the Bible how God promised a Savior and how he kept his promise in Jesus. God always keeps his promises, so we can trust his Word! 

This week's Redeemer Kids Challenge: Make a video (less than 15 seconds) of you drawing a picture on a white board or plain A4 paper. In the video, tell us:

  1. Share a time when you failed to keep your promise.
  2. Create something for your room or your house to remind you that God keeps his promises.

If you’d like to share with us your answers and what you’ve created, record a video (less than 15 seconds) and send it in to kids@redeemerdubai.com by 8 pm this Sunday, November 1.

How To Use These Resources Effectively

You are free to use these resources in whatever way you find helpful. A suggested way of getting the most from them is to: 

  • Plan
    The videos will be posted on this site at noon each Thursday. Plan a time over the weekend when you can watch the video with your family. It could be on Friday morning before the Redeemer Friday video, on Thursday before dinner, or later in the weekend. If you want to film a video that could be included in the following week’s video, you will need to film over the weekend and get it to us by 5 pm on Sunday.
  • Watch the Video Together
    The video is particularly aimed at encouraging kids and tweens, but there are things for youth and parents to get involved with, too. People of all ages from Redeemer are helping with different parts of the videos as well.

  • Participate and Discuss
    We hope that you get involved singing the songs in the videos and doing the activities. As you do or film the challenges, talk about the questions you are answering. The activities should include a fun challenge or question as well as some thoughts on who our God is. Doing the challenge and sending them in is a great way for your family to reflect and a great encouragement to other families.

  • Pray
    After you watch the video, you can pray as a family. If you make videos or send in activities, you could also pray that others would be encouraged by your answers.