The "I Am" Statements of Jesus

During Jesus’ ministry on earth, he said many things that challenged his listeners. In fact, he often spoke in parables and metaphors. He used figurative language to relate common objects or concepts with himself or his kingdom so that people could better understand his character and purpose.

In our new series on the “I Am” statements of Jesus, we will learn that Jesus Christ is not a helper to God or a great teacher but the divine, eternal, pre-existent, infinite, perfect God. The book of John recounts in detail who Jesus claimed to be and what he did while on earth. In this week’s video, we will see that when Jesus applies the title “I Am” to himself, he claims to be God. His claim was an offense to the worldview of his listeners because he declared that he was the eternal God of all creation, both fully human and fully God. The Old Testament and God’s redemptive acts pointed to the coming of Jesus as God in the flesh, the true and better Israel, and the fulfillment of all the Old Testament types and shadows.

Tune in this Thursday at noon or plan a time over this weekend when you can watch this video as a family. The video will include songs to sing, Scripture reading, and a Bible talk.


How To Use These Resources Effectively

You are free to use these resources in whatever way you find helpful. A suggested way of getting the most from them is to: 

  • Plan
    Plan a time over the weekend when you can watch the video with your family. It could be on Friday morning before the Redeemer live stream, on Thursday before dinner, or later in the weekend. 
  • Watch the Video Together
    The video is particularly aimed at encouraging kids and tweens, but there are things for youth and parents to get involved with, too. People of all ages from Redeemer are helping with different parts of the videos as well.

  • Participate and Discuss
    We hope that you get involved singing the songs in the videos, listening as the Scripture is read, and taking time to talk about what you have learned every week. 

  • Pray
    After you watch the video, you can pray as a family. If you make videos or send in activities, you could also pray that others would be encouraged by your answers.