The book of Acts tells the extraordinary story of how the church was built. From humble beginnings in a Middle Eastern city, Christianity quickly spread through the Roman Empire and from there unto the ends of the earth, carried along by the Spirit of God. Join us this summer as we study God’s unstoppable word and its power as seen in the book of Acts.

These studies are designed so that groups of all kinds and sizes can spend time together in God’s Word. You could work through them with another member, a few people, or as a group. To get connected with a Community Group, email

How to Study Effectively

You are free to use these studies in whatever way you find helpful. A suggested way of getting the most from them is to:

  • Read
    Read the passage at home by yourself and try to answer the questions in the discussion guide. At the end of each study, write down things you would particularly like to share about the passage with your group or questions you have.

  • Discuss
    Meet with others over Zoom or another platform to discuss the passage, working through the questions in the discussion guide and discussing what this means for you. (For instructions on setting up Zoom:

  • Pray for One Another
    Make sure you pray for those you meet with, both for things that flow from the passage and for particular needs in each others lives

  • Watch the Sermon
    Follow along with our videos on this sermon series via this link.