About Redeemer Women's Ministry

The heart of Redeemer’s women’s ministry is that women would be equipped to know God, to love his Word, to follow Jesus, to care for one another, to make disciples, and to adorn the gospel through lives that reflect the beauty of Jesus Christ. To that end, we seek to aid women in their understanding of, knowledge in, and love for the Bible, and to help them live out their faith in a public way that calls others to follow Jesus. We also aim to connect women with one another so that they can experience deep community and encourage each other in the faith. In short, we seek to make disciples of Christ who go forth making disciples.

We currently host a monthly women’s Bible study, and we also have women’s small groups that meet throughout the city. All women are welcome to attend. If you’d like more information, email elise@redeemerdubai.com.

Monthly Women's Bible Study

Our next study will be on Friday, May 28, from 12:00 to 1:15 pm at RAK Evangelical Church, Ras Al Khaimah. Space is limited and you must register to attend. Please email elise@redeemerdubai.com to register.

We are learning God's redemption story, established from the beginning of time, as we study through the feasts and festivals of the Old Testament. Colossians tells us that the feasts and festivals were a shadow of the things that to come, and the reality is found in Christ Jesus. Our study this month will focus on the Feast of Tabernacles/Booths.

Join us as we conclude our study on the different feasts and festivals of the Old Testament and how they point to Jesus.


If you've missed our previous studies and would like to catch up on what we've covered so far, or if you simply want to review what we've learned, below you'll find recordings of our previous studies. Each study worksheet is also available to download under the "Resource" tab.